Services and Pricing

When it comes to our cleaning services, we believe that our prices are incredible. We do not provide you with just a service, we are caring for you, your family and your home. With regular cleanings you are prolonging the life of your carpet, tile and upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning

Includes Pre-Treatment and Cleaning

  • Sectionals - Starting at $195.00
  • Standard Sofa - Starting at $110.00
  • Standard Love Seat - Starting at $89.00
  • Standard Chair - Starting at $65.00
  • Ottoman - Starting at $20.00

Note: Some stains may not come out with pre-treating and cleaning. These may require a separate process, you will be advised at the time of audit if there are any concerns. White and Cream Color Upholstery will require extra work and are an additional $20.00 each.

* Gift Certificates Available